March 6, 2013


Sup nerds, we’ve been doing some tests with our new MCI JH 24 analog reel to reel tape machine. Really fun figuring out how to use this thing, not perfect yet but we’re getting there.

This is a BRAND NEW song we’ve been jamming on, laid down in one take with 12 string/ vocal overdubs. This is like the 5th time we ever played the song and there’s no lyrics yet but it’s sounding cool so far. Check it out!

More tape recordings to come! We’re pumped!

(via thesquidsla)

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    Heroes & Heroines“Baby Beach Part Deux Rough Mix”
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    Woah. HeeeeELLA dreamy. Play my birthday/everyday? Or don’t and I’ll just listen on Tumblr. Because IT’S ALL GOOD.
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    Heroes & Heroines "Baby Beach Part Deux Rough Mix" via Soundcloud REALLY DIGGING THIS AND YOU CAN TOO
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